Potential of any organization is a function of competence of its members.

Melco Technologies knows that only the best people can help make it the best company. Melco Technologies has always sought and hired the very best.

Our team comprises top-of-the-line focused and experienced set of professionals, who are motivated by customer satisfaction, and converting ideas to solutions.

Providing impeccable services to clients requires people who probe their business, understand it, and interpret it for the global environment. Our dedicated team of best-of-breed consultants has strong and unmatched business process knowledge in variety of industries and business environments. Combining solid industry experience and technical skills, our consultants have a strong functional expertise to advise on the business process design that is technically feasible and achievable.

Qualified from recognized institutes and universities, our engineers have ample experience of working on cutting–edge technologies and following the latest methodologies. Experience of working on projects encompassing a wide segment of business activity and with varying complexities, has made our team proficient enough to satisfy IT needs of any business organizations.

A high level of quality pervades the entire organization, through all processes and deliverables. Each member contributes to and benefits from this global quality standard that puts them at par with the best professionals in this field.

The expertise of our team makes us proud. Still, learning never ends at MelcoTech. We train our engineers to be constantly ahead of the technology curve. We keep our engineers on the treadmill by continually training them on new versions of core development products and technologies on the horizon.

We leverage our team top-notch professionals that share a common customer centric orientation to consistently deliver high quality and innovative solutions on time. ALWAYS.

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