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Inbound Call Center Services

We can provide in-depth customer service support 24 hours per day. We can also dispatch service and technical support personnel according to your escalation protocol. Client databases can be maintained and accessed locally or across the web.

Outbound Call Center Services

Melco Technologies, combine capability and expertise in order to provide you with the right solution, taking into full consideration industry, proposition, timing and target market. Melco Technologies, engage in the full process of project planning and set up, ensuring a full understanding of your requirement giving you the full benefit of call center industry. We have a very focused list of service offerings primarily specializing in outbound solutions, including:

  • List Cleaning - Lead Generation
  • Appoinment Setting - Product/Service Promotion
  • Mail Follow Up - Soft Sales
  • Customer Loyalty - Customer Care Programmes
  • Market Research - Subscription Renewal/Sales
  • Seminar Booking - Data Management Initiatives

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